About company

The company “Turkmen-Shokhle” offers wholesale purchases of household goods for various purposes, made of high-quality plastic. With our help, your life will be easier. Our products are indispensable in everyday life and organically fit into your usual space in the bathroom, kitchen, nursery, living room. Simple, like everything ingenious, solutions for storage and cleaning from “Turkmen-Shohle” will significantly save not only time, but also money. We entered the Turkmen market by launching a series of plastic buckets. Since then, our permanent range has been expanding to this day. We vouch for every product that comes off the assembly line of our lines.

Our production is a mix of high technologies and innovative materials that are safe for humans and the environment. To create products of our range, modern polymers (polystyrene, polyethylene, polypropylene) are used, as well as special additives that give the plastic mass the desired color and strength. The functionality and original design of each line is the work of experienced designers of our company.

Our products are an affordable helper in the household. Millions of people can afford to buy modern accessories made of colored plastic without compromising the family budget.

Our competitive advantages:

• high standards of ergonomics and aesthetics of products;
• renewal and expansion of the production range;
• production automation;
• high attractiveness for investors.

Our principles:

• We are a client-oriented company. We know who we work for and love our work.
• We create products in accordance with the expectations of our consumers.
• We see and understand men, women and children who are interested in simple and attractive solutions.
• We have a positive attitude towards work for the benefit of the common cause, contributing to the constant growth and development of the company and its creative team.
• We are focused on achieving the most concrete result.

Our main achievements are yet to come. We invite you to be a part of our success!

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